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In 2010 Soho House sponsored a group of volunteers to travel to Kibera, Africa’s largest slum. The trip was in response to a request made by the grass roots NGO, Oasis Africa (, requesting financial assistance for the construction of a creative department within their educational facility, St John’s School.

The group was led by renowned artist, James Hart Dyke (, who is celebrated for his work with the British Royal Army, the Prince of Wales and more recently, his involvement with the MI6. In addition, three European photographers – Franco Pasti, Fabrice Paget and Nikos Economopoulos – joined the project to capture life in Kibera using different lenses and techniques.

James, Franco, Fabrice and Nikos have documented the trip in a stunning collection of sketches, paintings and photograph which were exhibited and sold at Mount Street Galleries ( in Mayfair in October 2011. The project is ongoing and works can be viewed on this website.

Proceeds from the sale of the exhibition will fund a new department at St John’s School, which will specialise in creative arts.

Life in Kibera from PHILLIMOREfilms on Vimeo.